wedding tattoo

wedding tattoo

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Eventually, I am going to have garden of Eden themed tattoo sleeves. I would love to get the snake before my wedding on May 26th! I plan to get a snake in a traditional bold linework style, basically like how a coloring book is done. The snake will have gemstones going down its back like spots. I already know the artist, and he has done two other tattoos on me- my Jackalope on my thigh and my daisy arm band!

Both of the tattoos I have from this artist were sponsored by y’all in the community, and to me it adds so much. Not only are these permanent marks on my body beautiful, to me they are also proof that I am loved. I get to look at these two tattoos and know that someone cared about me so much that they wanted to help me get them. :)

i’ll definitely get it someday no matter what, and if you feel like helping out then I just could not complain about it!

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